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Announcing the Release of XNAT

XNAT has been released and is ready to install. This version of XNAT has several small but useful updates that relate to the release of Custom Forms. 


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Project listings from being sorted or filterable

  • Updated the main navigation to make it easier to browse Project listings

  • Fixed a display bug in the Workflow table

Other than these changes, this release contains the same updates as XNAT 1.8.8, including:

  • Initial release of the Custom Forms functionality

  • Improvements to DICOM importing

  • Improvements to managing user accounts

  • Added support for DicomEdit 6.5

And plenty more. Review the XNAT release notes for a full listing of updates, and a demonstration of the changes to the site navigation.

Upgrading is (fairly) easy!
The upgrade path from XNAT 1.8 to XNAT is as easy as configuring your war file for the version of Tomcat you're running and dropping the new war file in place. Upgrading from the XNAT 1.7.x line is only mildly more arduous. See the XNAT Upgrade Instructions.

Download XNAT

Installation Instructions | XNAT Documentation

Posted Jun 6, 2023

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