XNAT News Listing

XNAT 1.8.7 Released with Viewer OpenID Plugin Updates
Dan Marcus and Jim Olson announce XNAT move to Flywheel
XNAT Jupyter Notebook Integration - Beta Release Available
XNAT Hotfix Release
XNAT Joins the Flywheel Team
Release Announcement: XNAT 1.8.6, CS 3.3, and more
XNAT Desktop Client 3.1.0 is Available
Container Service 3.2.0 and Batch Launch Plugin 0.6.0 Released
Announcing the XNAT 1.8.5 Release
Updated - 2022 XNAT Workshop in London Announced
XNAT Hotfix Release
XNAT 1.8.4 Released
Container Service 3.1 and Batch Launch Plugin Updates
XNAT 1.8.3 Has Been Released
XNAT Workshop Videos are Posted
XNAT Hotfix Release is Now Available
Registration is Open for the 2021 XNAT Workshop
XNAT 1.8.2 Is Now Available
XNAT 1.8.1 Is Now Available
Modifying XNAT in Response to Apache Tomcat 7 EOL