Welcome to the Water Cooler!

This is an idea that's been kicking around for a while and really gathered steam with discussions that started at the recent XNAT workshop. Lots of conversations got started, raised issues, then ended up in that familiar territory: "We really need to follow up on this when we all get back home." Yes, the graveyard of good intentions and ideas, "later".

The venerable and still quite useful tool for communicating ideas and issues within the XNAT development community has been and still is the xnat_discussion Google group. This suffers from the standard mailing list/discussion group problems of a lack of topical organization beyond the subject lines of posts, single threaded discussions, and disconnection from our increasingly functional organization management tools.

Well, as it happens, the good folks at Atlassian have graciously donated a bunch of useful tools for managing just this sort of thing to the XNAT development group, specifically this fine wiki, with all kinds of tools and plugins built right in, as well as our issue tracker, build tools, and code management tools. So it really seems like we ought to take advantage of that!

So here we are with the Water Cooler! We've seeded this a little bit with topics that we thought were of interest to everyone, but what we're really hoping is that the XNAT development and user community will take this and make it your own. We can add discussion pages and forums for any topic of conversation around XNAT development, administration, usage and configuration, tools, gripes and complaints, blessings and exclamations of joy, and whatever else you may care to toss in.

Here are a few tips for using the Water Cooler:

  • You can subscribe to pages and spaces within the Water Cooler site by marking them as Favorites or watching them. How much (if any) email or how many updates you get from the Water Cooler site completely depends on how you configure your subscriptions.
  • You can also subscribe to RSS feeds from the site. If we can create custom RSS feeds that would be useful, please let us know.
  • Get an account and log in! The comment threads and ability to post requires you to be logged in, so the "community-built" aspect of the water cooler requires logged in users.
  • If you think of anything you'd like to see on the site that's not here now, just let us know and we'll do what we can to make it happen!

Confluence does not have a built-in feature to let you request an account. We're working on putting together our own account sign-up mechanism and will provide a link to that as soon as we have it working!

OK, we're open for... well, if a FOSS project can be said to be open for business, then we're open for business!