XNAT Developer Teleconference Information posted

We've put the information needed to join the XNAT Developer Teleconference up on this site. This will be a permanent home for this information and will be updated whenever any permanent changes are made to the teleconference information (i.e. a specific cancellation won't be on there, but a change in the phone numbers will).

Just for good measure, the next teleconference is tomorrow, 17 July, at 10 AM CDT (UTC−06:00).

The primary topic of discussion will be the XNAT release, but the development team will also be available to discuss any questions, comments, or requests you may have about our future development plans. We'll be starting on XNAT 2.0 development in earnest really soon and are looking for feedback about what people would like to see in our roadmap, so this is a good opportunity to let us know!