XNAT Developer Teleconference 16 October, 2013

The next XNAT Developer Teleconference is on for 16 October, 2013. We have a number of topics to cover:

  • What about that 1.6.3 release you mentioned?
  • We have a working XNAT image viewer module!
  • Addressing ongoing issues with the Java browser plugin (missing Permissions/Codebase attributes, performance, etc.)
  • A short presentation on the Translational Informatics Portal, or TIP, which has been developed as a collaboration between our lab and some clinical groups at BJC and some of the advanced medical clinics there. This is a pretty exciting model of cooperation between research science and working clinical groups to try to bring leading-edge visual and data analysis techniques to bear on real problems in medical practice. As guest speakers we'll have Pam LaMontagne, who's actually using and managing our development deployment of TIP, and Mikhail Milchenko, who's writing the pipelines running in the back-end to manage information processing (he won't be covering the actual back-end processing, but will be discussing the data management tasks associated with getting data out of and back into XNAT as part of the translational process). In addition, TIP also includes integration with external PACS system and that will be discussed as well.

The details to get into the developer conference can be found on the XNAT Developer Teleconference home page. If you have any problems getting access to the teleconference, we'll have someone standing by monitoring both the NrgXnat Twitter feed and the xnat_discussion user group. If you have any difficulties, please go ahead and post to one of those two resources.

Thanks and we hope to see you there tomorrow!