XNAT Developer Teleconference 19 February 2014

The next XNAT Developer Teleconference is on for 19 February, 2014. Our agenda is pretty simple:

  • XNAT 1.6.3!

There are some issues that come from that one particular agenda item, though. These include:

  • What's in 1.6.3?
  • Are there virtual machines for XNAT 1.6.3?
  • XNAT Central update to 1.6.3
  • I thought you said XNAT releases were being tied to CNDA deployments on the new version

We'll also talk a bit about what we plan to do after XNAT 1.6.3, including directions for the XNAT 1.7 release and plans for XNAT 2/2.0.

Information to join the teleconference is available at XNAT Developer Teleconference. If you have any issues with joining the conference, you can post to the NRG Twitter feed or the XNAT discussion group