XNAT developer teleconference 21 May 2014 10 AM CDT

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The XNAT developer teleconference is scheduled for 21 May at 10 AM CDT (-0500 UTC). We've changed our WebEx, so that we can just use VOIP instead of requiring a separate dial-in line. The updated information to connect is:

Topic:XNAT Developer Teleconference
Meeting Number:

622 393 266

Meeting Password:xnat

This information is always available on the XNAT developer teleconference home page.

The new teleconference connection provides VOIP for audio, meaning you don't have to have a separate phone call into the conference. Nifty! If you don't have voice/audio available on your connection, go ahead and log into the teleconference a little bit before it starts and it will provide you with the telephone number and conference code to enter (actually, the conference code is just the meeting number above).

We don't have any pressing agenda items for tomorrow's conference, but thought it had been a while since we'd gotten together, you know, just to chat, catch up, see how everyone's doing. It's probably a good idea to have a nice cup of coffee or tea, it'll be that sort of thing. Given that there's nothing on the agenda other than status and roadmap, feel free to bring any Q&A items you might have, but also the conference almost certainly won't go the scheduled two hours.

If you have any issues connecting, we will have someone monitoring the @NrgXnat Twitter feed as well as the XNAT discussion group. The Twitter feed will be the faster easier way to get help, most likely.

We look forward to speaking with you tomorrow!