XNAT developer teleconference 22 April 2015 10 AM CDT

The XNAT developer teleconference is scheduled for 22 April at 10 AM CDT (-0500 UTC).

Today we're going to use Google Hangouts on Air instead of WebEx to see if it will resolve some of the capacity and VOIP issues we've had with WebEx previously. You can connect to the teleconference here. This format restricts the number of people on the actual hangout, so we will have the XNAT development team on the Hangout itself, with everyone else participating through the live stream. If you have any questions or comments, the Q&A application is enabled. You just need to click the Ask a New Question button on the Hangout. You can get more details and help on using Google Hangouts on Air at the Google Help page for the feature.

If you have any issues connecting, we will have someone monitoring the @NrgXnat Twitter feed as well as the XNAT discussion group. The Twitter feed will be the faster easier way to get help.

Topics of discussion for today's teleconference include:

  • XNAT development status
  • Modules at or near beta
  • XNAT automation framework
  • Developer Q&A

We look forward to seeing everyone there!