XNAT Developer Teleconference 16 September 2015 10 AM CDT

The XNAT Developer Teleconference for September 2015 will be held this Wednesday, 16 September, 2015 at 10:00 AM CDT. This is a chance for developers, administrators, and users of the XNAT platform and server to chat with the XNAT development team. Topics for this edition include:

  • XNAT 1.6.5
  • Future development efforts and roadmap
  • Updates from the XNAT sphere

Join the teleconference through the XNAT Google+ event page. If you have any issues joining the teleconference, you can find help via the XNAT Twitter feed or the XNAT discussion group. Find your local time for the teleconference through the World Clock.

More information about the XNAT developer teleconference is available on the XNAT Developer Teleconference page.

After the conference is concluded, you can view the archived version of this teleconference anytime on YouTube. View other teleconferences and presentations on the XNAT YouTube page.