New Upload Assistant and DicomBrowser application installers available

Due to the deprecation of the Java plugin on many of the newer browser platforms, we've been working on getting a stand-alone application version of the XNAT Upload Assistant applet going for a while. We have finally succeeded, with the help of install4j and the gracious donation of an open-source project license to the XNAT team from the kind folks at ej-technologies GmhB. As a great side effect, we also have a new application wrapper and installer for DicomBrowser, which has been desperately needing a facelift and touch-up for a while now.

These applications are both available as beta releases! DicomBrowser has gone through fairly extensive testing and have a canonical release fairly soon, but the installer and OS-specific application wrappers are new. The Upload Assistant code base was taken directly from the existing XNAT Upload Assistant applet, but with fairly extensive modifications to work as a stand-alone application. If you find any issues or bugs in the course of using either of these applications, please let us know by sending an email to

This page has been updated since it was originally published to point to the 1.1.0 beta release of the Upload Assistant tool.

You can download the installers for the Upload Assistant from the following links:

You can download the installers for DicomBrowser from the following links:

We will continue to work on these applications and provide updated and new functionality in the upcoming months. Feel free to contact us with feature requests or comments.