Announcing the 2016 XNAT Workshop

The XNAT development team will be hosting a 5-day workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, June 6 – 10, 2016. The workshop will include presentations and hands-on practical sessions covering the full range of XNAT functionality. We invite everyone from XNAT novices to experts to join us for a week of lectures, practicals, breakouts, and coding sessions.

By the time of this workshop, the new XNAT 1.7 version will have been released. Here is a high-level summary of the topics we plan to discuss:

Day 1: Introduction / Hackathon. New users get an introduction to XNAT, with an emphasis on what’s new in XNAT 1.7. Experienced users can work with XNAT developers on pet projects in a “hackathon” environment.

Day 2: XNAT Dev Ops. Best practices for installing and operating a stable and scalable XNAT system.

Day 3: XNAT Computing. Learn about advances and techniques in data processing using XNAT data.

Day 4: XNAT Programming. Insights and best practices for adding new features to XNAT.

Day 5: Impromptu Sessions / Hackathon. Start or continue a new development project, or attend breakout discussions of topics that arise during the week.

Learn more and register now on the XNAT Workshop site.