Your input on XNAT 1.7 is needed

As most of you are probably aware, we released XNAT 1.7 a little while back. We're working on releasing 1.7.1 very soon, with a number of small but important fixes and enhancements from what we've learned installing, configuring, and updating XNAT with the 1.7 release.

Here's the beg: if you have any experience with 1.7 and have found any issues that have caused trouble, inconvenience, or worse, please let us know! It's really important that we what people have run into when using XNAT in a practical way outside of our developers' bubble. We can't fix the things you need fixed unless we know what those things are! You can get this information to us in a number of ways:
  • Add a comment to this post
  • Email with a description of the problem(s)
  • Contact us directly
  • You can even create an account on our issue tracker and create issues against the XNAT project directly
The sooner you can let us know, the sooner we can get the issues written up and someone assigned to deal with them.
Thanks for your help!