XNAT Hotfix Release plus Container Service 1.1 and Selectable Scan Table 1.0 Plugins

Very soon after the release of XNAT 1.7.3, a small but impactful bug was discovered that would have prevented the proper handling of scans with dashes ("-") in their series descriptions. The XNAT hotfix release addresses this bug, and is available for download now. We recommend all users who have installed XNAT 1.7.3 to immediately upgrade to this release.


Container Service 1.1 Update

With version 1.1, the Container Service plugin now supports bulk launching of containers, and improves the UI for enabling and disabling commands in a project or at the site-wide level. Additional backend API changes were made to reporting, mounting XNAT data, and container settings. You can read the full changelog here: https://github.com/NrgXnat/container-service/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md


Documentation: Getting Started With The Container Service

Selectable Table 1.0 Plugin Release

The development of Container Services gave XNAT users the ability to run processing commands on a single scan, but the XNAT UI offered no way to access scan-level controls. The Selectable Table plugin was developed in order to expose those controls to users. With the completion of bulk-launching in Container Services, this plugin gives users the ability to run multiple containers simultaneously on multiple selected scans in an image session.

The Container Services plugin is not required in order to use the Selectable Table. There are also convenience functions available for core XNAT purposes.


Documentation: Batching Actions on Scans with the Selectable Table Plugin