Upgrade to the XNAT 1.7.4 Security Release

Announcing XNAT 1.7.4, Now With Added Security And Usability

The XNAT team is happy to announce the release of XNAT 1.7.4, now available at www.xnat.org/download. This release addresses a number of critical security issues and makes user account and access management more usable and flexible. Issues addressed in the 1.7.4 release can be found in the XNAT 1.7.4 Release Notes.

Upgrading is Strongly Recommended

Normally, in this space we tell you how easy it is to upgrade your XNAT. With this release, we want to emphasize its importance. XNAT 1.7.4 adds security features to close off a number of significant potential vulnerabilities. New threats emerge all the time, and if you aren't running the latest XNAT your data may be exposed.

Already have XNAT 1.7 and need to upgrade? See our documentation on upgrading from XNAT 1.7.0 to newer versions. For 1.7.x to 1.7.4 upgrades, the process is as simple as replacing your 1.7 war file with the new 1.7.4 war file.

Have XNAT 1.6.5 or earlier and want to upgrade? See our documentation on upgrading to XNAT 1.7.x from older versions of XNAT. Need help with this migration process? Feel free to email us, or post to the XNAT Discussion Group.

Download XNAT 1.7.4  |  XNAT Documentation Home  |  "Getting Started"

No More "Java-geddon"

If you've been switching from browser to browser, desperate to hold on to the Java Applet XNAT Image Uploader, in hopes of staving off the "java-geddon," those days are officially over. All modern browsers have ended support for Java Applets.

Fortunately, the XNAT Upload Assistant is a desktop application that accomplishes those same upload needs. The latest version of the Upload Assistant is 1.1.0, which includes multiple bug fixes and usability improvements.

Download XNAT Upload Assistant 1.1.0  |  Using the XNAT Upload Assistant

Container Service Improvements

Since the Container Service plugin was released alongside XNAT 1.7.3, it has been rapidly improved. The latest version of Container Service (v1.3) includes support for Docker Swarm, and other recent improvements include bulk launching containers on multiple scans and broader support for accessing and manipulating XNAT data in a container.

Download the Container Service 1.3 Plugin  |  Container Service Documentation  |  How to Install XNAT Plugins