XNAT at the eResearch Australasia 2018 Conference

On Friday, October 19th, a team of presenters from the University of Sydney, led by Ryan Sullivan, will be giving an XNAT talk at the eResearch Australasia 2018 Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Their talk will focus on how their team uses XNAT to import images, store data, and run computing processes. They will also show how XNAT is integrated within their imaging research workflow overall. Their talk is titled "Imaging Data Service: Ingestion, Storage, and Compute." Attendees will even get a cameo call-in appearance by XNAT team director Dan Marcus. 

This talk is part of a broader initiative to set up up a network of connected, federated XNAT instances across Australia. These XNATs would become core infrastructure for universities that are performing imaging informatics research. This presentation will demonstrate a proof of the integration between XNAT and RedCap, as well as fully anonymized CTP data relays for importing data, and a series of tools for pipeline processing. 

To learn more about this conference, click here: http://conference.eresearch.edu.au/