Container Service and XNAT Project Sync plugins updated for XNAT 1.7.5

Two major plugins have been updated for compatibility with XNAT 1.7.5, and also have new features and capabilities. 

Container Service 2.0.1 

Version 2.0 of the Container Service plugin has been released, and it includes several major improvements. First and foremost, container processes can now create image assessors in XNAT. XNAT Dev Ops administrators can also configure the container service to execute its processes as a specific user, rather than "root", to improve security. 

Shortly after version 2.0 of the Container Service plugin was tagged and released, we found two small issues that needed to be addressed. Those have been bundled and released as version 2.0.1. 

Version 2.0.1 of the Container Service requires XNAT 1.7.5+ to run properly. Installing Container Service 2.0.1 onto an older version of XNAT is not supported or recommended. If you are running a legacy version of XNAT, version 1.6 of the Container Service plugin is the last supported version. 

Download Container Service Documentation

XNAT Project Sync 1.3.3

The XNAT Project Sync (XSync) plugin has also been updated with a number of small improvements, most notably fixing a compatibility break that prevented it from running successfully on XNAT 1.7.5.

Version 1.3.3 of the XNAT Project Sync plugin requires XNAT 1.7.5. Older versions of XNAT that are used as the "Source XNAT" should either upgrade XNAT, or should maintain use of the 1.3.2 version of this plugin.

Download XSync Documentation

Plugin Compatibility Reminder for XNAT 1.7.5

  • XNAT systems that have integrated with LDAP authentication servers must install and configure the new XNAT LDAP Authentication Provider Plugin. See our updated documentation on Configuring Authentication Providers to get started.  
  • The Selectable Scan Table plugin has been deprecated in XNAT, as its features have been incorporated into core XNAT and improved upon. Administrators should delete the plugin jar while Tomcat is shut down during the XNAT upgrade process. 

XNAT Developer Teleconference Feb 14, 2019

Is there a better way to celebrate St Valentine's Day than to jump on a call with the XNAT development team? Nothing that we can think of. 

We'll be hosting a developer teleconference to talk about the XNAT 1.7.5.x near-term release roadmap, as well as new developments in plugins and what to look forward to in XNAT 1.8.

Join us at 10:00 am CST (GMT-6) on Thursday, Feb 14! Conference call information will be published shortly.