XNAT Patch Release Now Available

Here at the XNAT team, we are committing ourselves to more frequent releases, making everyone's XNAT instances more performant and reliable. This patch release addresses several minor issues that affected XNAT, as well as issues that were found in the release candidate, including better support for downloading large datasets. You can download it now at download.xnat.org. Issues addressed in this release can be found in the XNAT Release Notes. 

Upgrading is Easy

We strongly recommend that users of XNAT upgrade to the latest version. We encourage everyone else to do the same. 

Already have XNAT 1.7 and need to upgrade? See our documentation on upgrading from XNAT 1.7.0 to newer versions. For 1.7.x to upgrades, the process is as simple as replacing your 1.7 war file with the new war file.

Have XNAT 1.6.5 or earlier and want to upgrade? See our documentation on upgrading to XNAT 1.7.x from older versions of XNAT. Need help with this migration process? Feel free to email us, or post to the XNAT Discussion Group

Plugin and LDAP Compatibility Notes

  • XNAT systems that have integrated with LDAP authentication servers must install and configure the new XNAT LDAP Authentication Provider Plugin. See our updated documentation on Configuring Authentication Providers to get started.  
  • The "Selectable Scan Table" plugin has been deprecated in XNAT 1.7.5, as its features have been incorporated into core XNAT and improved upon. Administrators should delete the plugin jar while Tomcat is shut down during the XNAT upgrade process.

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