Announcing the XNAT 1.7.6 Release

XNAT 1.7.6 has been released, containing fixes and improvements that impact developers, administrators, and users, including resolutions of known issues in the release. Notable features of this new release include:

  • Rationalized and refactored permissions checks that will impact plugin development
  • Support for DicomEdit 6.2 anonymization syntax, which includes advanced features for date-shifting, UID-hashing, and working more intelligently with private vendor tags
  • A new "DICOM Inbox" import method to ease bulk uploads of image sessions

We highly recommend upgrading to this latest release. We also highly recommend testing and updating any plugins that you have installed in your XNAT systems to ensure compatibility.

You can download the latest release now at Details on what has been addressed in this release can be found in the XNAT 1.7.6 Release Notes.

Upgrading is Easy

We strongly recommend that users of XNAT 1.7.x upgrade to the latest version. We encourage everyone else to do the same.

Already have XNAT 1.7 and need to upgrade? See our documentation on upgrading from XNAT 1.7.0 to newer versions. For 1.7.x to 1.7.6 upgrades, the process is as simple as replacing your 1.7 war file with the new 1.7.6 war file.

Have XNAT 1.6.5 or earlier and want to upgrade? See our documentation on upgrading to XNAT 1.7.x from older versions of XNAT. Need help with this migration process? Feel free to email us, or post to the XNAT Discussion Group

Download XNAT 1.7.6

Plugin Updates: Container Service 2.1 and XNAT-OHIF Viewer 2.1

The XNAT team has published an update to the Container Service 2.1 plugin, which is primarily focused on permissions compatibility with XNAT 1.7.6 but also contains a few minor improvements. Container Service 2.1 does not introduce breaking changes for any developed container images, so work should be able to continue seamlessly in a transition from older XNAT and plugin versions to the latest. Learn more in the Container Service plugin documentation page.

The XNAT-OHIF image session viewer and annotation tool has also been updated for use in XNAT 1.7.6 by the development team at the Institute for Cancer Research, London. With this viewer, users can open image sessions and add visual annotations, create measurements, draw ROIs, and save those annotations into ROI collections that are stored in XNAT as image assessors using the bundled ROI Collection Data Type plugin. In addition to XNAT 1.7.6 compatibility, the 2.1 version contains other functional improvements. Learn more in the XNAT-OHIF Viewer documentation page.

Important Note

Both of these plugin updates are not backwards compatible and require XNAT 1.7.6 in order to run correctly.

Installing Is Easy

The Container Service, XNAT-OHIF Viewer, and ROI Collection data type plugins are installed using the standard XNAT plugin installation process

Download XNAT Plugin Updates

About XNAT
XNAT is currently being used by dozens of institutions and studies around the world to host a wide range of imaging and clinical data. The latest version of XNAT is v1.7.6, which was released on January 21, 2020. We strongly encourage XNAT administrators to upgrade to the latest version of XNAT whenever possible.

XNAT Documentation:
XNAT Discussion Group:!forum/xnat_discussion