XNAT 1.8.1 Is Now Available

As you can see, we are ramping up our release velocity, getting bugfixes and improvements out the door and into your hands. XNAT 1.8.1 release offers several minor bugfixes as well as several highlighted improvements:

  • Initial support added for importing Microscopy image sessions (GM & SM)
  • Optimized data deletion processes, with a key new behavior affecting cached copies of deleted files
  • Other UI and backend improvements

You can read the XNAT 1.8.1 Release Notes for more details.

Upgrading is easy!
The upgrade path from XNAT 1.8 to XNAT 1.8.1 is as easy as dropping in a new war file and restarting your Tomcat server. Upgrading from the XNAT 1.7.x line is only mildly more arduous. See the XNAT Upgrade Instructions.

Download XNAT 1.8.1