XNAT Hotfix Release is Now Available

Please Upgrade your XNAT 1.8.x to XNAT

The XNAT release is an urgent hotfix release to fix a pernicious issue, where deleting certain types of experiments could result in serious data loss across your project.

Because the XNAT release is built on XNAT 1.8.2, it includes native support for Apache Tomcat 9, as well as other improvements:

  • Improved support for performing QCs on CT scans
  • Admin UI and Event Service refactoring
  • Prearchive and other backend improvements

You can read the XNAT Release Notes for more details.

Upgrading is (fairly) easy!
The upgrade path from XNAT 1.8 to XNAT is as easy as configuring your war file for the version of Tomcat you're running and dropping the new war file in place. Upgrading from the XNAT 1.7.x line is only mildly more arduous. See the XNAT Upgrade Instructions

Download XNAT