XNAT 1.8.3 Has Been Released

XNAT 1.8.3 is now available and ready to install. This version of XNAT is a maintenance version, including several bug fixes to backend services related to image session importing. Here is a quick overview of what is included:

  • New Direct-To-Archive Upload Method, reducing file I/O cost
  • Fixes related to Project Anonymization
  • Fixes related to Session Importing
  • Fixes related to Resource Archive Management
  • Critical Fix for Multi-node XNATs
  • Fixes for the Event Service and other UI Improvements

Upgrading is (fairly) easy!
The upgrade path from XNAT 1.8 to XNAT 1.8.3 is as easy as configuring your war file for the version of Tomcat you're running and dropping the new war file in place. Upgrading from the XNAT 1.7.x line is only mildly more arduous. See the XNAT Upgrade Instructions

Download XNAT 1.8.3

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