Container Service 3.1 and Batch Launch Plugin Updates

The Container Service plugin has been updated to version 3.1. What's new?

New Feature: Command Orchestration

From the moment we released the XNAT Container Service, we were asked whether we could support the ability to chain multiple processing containers together. This version release finally gives us a first look at that ability.

Command Orchestration can be set up at the project level, allowing users to set in motion a series of container actions on a given piece of data. (Only one orchestration per project can be active at a time, for now. This is an area of upcoming improvement.)

With an orchestration defined, launching the first container on your XNAT data will automatically cause the whole orchestration to run

Companion Release: Batch Launch Plugin v0.5

The Batch Launch Plugin has received a corresponding update to accommodate command orchestration. Now, the Batch Launch Plugin tracks all chained containers in a defined orchestration.

Download Container Service 3.1 & Batch Launch Plugin

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