XNAT 1.8.4 Released

XNAT 1.8.4 is now available and ready to install. This version of XNAT is a maintenance version, chock full of updates and fixes. Here is a quick overview of what is included.

Critical Bugfixes:

  • Prevent rare instances of data table failures
  • Address unusual undeletable resource files
  • Improve handling of user IDs generated by external auth providers
  • Multiple security fixes

Other improvements include:

  • Enabling image session downloads at the subject level
  • Refactored the Admin UI, making it much easier to find settings
  • Improved scan listings
  • Multiple improvements to resource management
  • Multiple improvements to authentication options
  • Multiple improvements to the Event Service

And plenty more. Review the XNAT 1.8.4 release notes for a full listing of updates.