XNAT Joins the Flywheel Team

From day one, XNAT has existed to serve the needs of the imaging research community, and its growth over the past twenty years has been fueled by collaboration across multiple sources, as well as continued funding from the NIH. This year, we are announcing a new evolution in our collaborative relationship: A full merger of XNAT development teams from Washington University School of Medicine and Radiologics, all coming together under the Flywheel umbrella. 

Flywheel’s mission is to enable users to do imaging-based research in high gear— a goal that has always been shared with the open-source platform of XNAT.  Last year, Flywheel acquired Radiologics and its team of talented XNAT developers, and we’ve been steadily adding to that team since. Recently, the NIH transferred the XNAT core development grant from the Washington University School of Medicine to Flywheel.

XNAT users should rest assured that their open-source offering isn’t going anywhere. Flywheel is here for the XNAT community—we’re maintaining the open-source offering, providing support packages for XNAT instances, and offering a complete spectrum of Flywheel products to power users’ research as their needs evolve.

XNAT users who are interested in support from Flywheel have a few options:

  • We offer Managed Instances of XNAT with optional plug-ins to enhance and support your open source instance. With options for on-prem deployments or cloud-based instances, you can choose from a Standard level of support or a Commercial SLA. In addition, we offer a number of optional plug-ins, including batch processing, PHI management, multi-factor authentication and custom notifications that allow you to customize your instance of XNAT.
  • We offer Flywheel Discovery, a cohort discovery and provisioning tool. With Flywheel Discovery, you can index and catalog your enterprise imaging archive, enabling streamlined discovery of patient cohorts and analysis of trends within the imaging enterprise. The cohorts you provision in Discovery can be pushed into XNAT (or Flywheel Enterprise) for your research and machine learning workflows.
  • If you are interested in scaling your research infrastructure and in need of an organization-wide deployment, we have Flywheel Enterprise, our cloud-scale biomedical research platform, serving researchers across academic, clinical and life sciences organizations. Flywheel Enterprise streamlines the massive tasks of data discovery, aggregation, and curation, automates research workflows, and enables secure collaboration. Flywheel’s Customer Service and Scientific Solutions teams are available to consult with and train your team so you can optimize your instance of Flywheel.

Contact us at Flywheel to learn more about these options and discuss how Flywheel can help power your research.