XNAT Jupyter Notebook Integration - Beta Release Available

The beta release of the XNAT / Jupyter Notebooks Integration is now available!

One of the most exciting demos in the XNAT Workshop in London was the demonstration of an integration between XNAT and JupyterHub, so that users within XNAT can natively launch a Jupyter Notebook with image data mounted and available for all manner of Python scripting with XNATpy and/or the scripting languages of your choice.

Now this functionality is available for you to experiment with, in your development environments!

Note: We do not recommend running this version of XNAT on production systems, as there are known security issues to resolve.

This beta release is available via the XNAT Docker Compose repo, which is used to quickly launch development environments. There are multiple components required to run the demo, including XNAT, JupyterHub, a Docker Swarm, and an XNAT-JuyterHub Plugin. There are also an assortment of sample notebooks available in this release. 

There is also documentation on how to set up JupyterHub with an existing XNAT installation. 

Download XNAT JupyterHub Beta

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