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Dan Marcus and Jim Olson announce XNAT move to Flywheel

To the XNAT Community:

It was wonderful seeing so many new and familiar faces at the 2022 XNAT Workshop held in London several weeks ago. Many thanks to our hosts at UCL and NCITA who staged the largest and arguably most engaging workshop we’ve held to date.

We announced a number of exciting developments at the workshop that we’d like to share with those who were unable to attend, including renewed NIH funding, impactful new features, and development of a global data network. Perhaps the most important announcement is that XNAT has partnered with Flywheel to continue its long-term development as free open source software. As a venture-backed company with a mission to link life science, clinical, and academia to accelerate healthcare research and innovation, Flywheel provides an ideal environment with the engineering, management, regulatory, and business infrastructure to ensure XNAT’s long-term sustainability.

We are thrilled to announce this partnership and look forward to the community’s input and engagement as we embark on the next phase of the XNAT journey. Please reach out to either of us with any questions, concerns, or ideas.
Learn more about the Flywheel partnership and other news from the XNAT team.

Best regards,

Dan Marcus
Chief Scientific Officer

Professor of Radiology
Washington University

Jim Olson
Chief Executive Officer

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In this keynote, Dan outlines the past, present, and future of XNAT including our vision for a commercial/open source strategy for long term sustainment at Flywheel. 

Posted Dec 13, 2022

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