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XNAT 1.8.9 and Container Service 3.4.0 are Released

Announcing the Release of XNAT 1.8.9

As use cases for XNAT grow in breadth, scope and scale, XNAT performance must be optimized to support data at scales never before imagined. As the backbone of Flywheel Discovery, XNAT must be able to support millions of rows of data, stored in thousands of projects. XNAT 1.8.9 includes a series of performance updates that greatly improve this support, as well as other updates that help position it for long term success in all use cases. Improvements include:

  • Significantly improved speed of data listings and project listings, including paging of very lengthy API calls

  • Improved search engine performance and behavior

  • Improved support for OAuth and other external authentication methods

  • Improved test suite for more reliable code production and releases

You can read the full list of improvements in our XNAT 1.8.9 Release Notes.

Upgrading is (fairly) easy!

The upgrade path from XNAT 1.8.x to XNAT 1.8.9 is as easy as configuring your war file for the version of Tomcat you're running and dropping the new war file in place. Upgrading from the XNAT 1.7.x line is only mildly more arduous. See the XNAT Upgrade Instructions.

Download XNAT 1.8.9

XNAT Release Notes | XNAT Documentation

XNAT Container Service 3.4.0 Available

The latest release of the XNAT Container Service plugin is now available, and increases support for launching containers at scale in Kubernetes, by allowing you to set up and run jobs in Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs).  

Download Container Service 3.4.0

Container Service Documentation and Release Notes

Posted Aug 14, 2023

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