XNAT Demo at MICCAI 2018

At this year's MICCAI conference in Grenada, Spain, Dan Marcus will be presenting a series of clinical translation and data mining workflows using cutting-edge XNAT functionality. Here's a quick feature list of what he's showing, and when you can expect to be able to run it yourself.


Release Description Release Info

XNAT 1.7.5

Release Candidate 2

The latest production release of XNAT is very near to being released and features significant performance improvements, expanded support for batched DICOM import workflows, and built-in support for the new XNAT Desktop upload/download client. To be released in Fall 2018. Available at download.xnat.org

XNAT Event Service

Alpha Release

Currently slated for release with XNAT 1.8, the Event Service offers a whole new way to automate actions inside XNAT based on user and server events. It is also flexible enough to allow plugins (such as the XNAT Container Service Plugin) to add new actions dynamically that can be picked up and used in an XNAT event subscription. Release date TBA

XNAT Plugins

Release Description Release Info

XNAT Container Service 2.0.0

Release Candidate 3 with Event Service Integration

The 2.0.0 release of the Container Service plugin adds support for container to create image assessors (requires XNAT 1.7.5), and includes a series of new features that can be used by older XNAT 1.7 instances as well, including auto-pulled images for installed containers. (A version 1.5.2 will be released concurrently with 2.0.0 for compatibility with older XNATs).

This demo also contains significant changes to support integration with the XNAT Event Service alpha release, so Containers can be launched as an action, and Container Events can be used in creating new XNAT Event subscriptions.

Versions 1.5.2 & 2.0.0 to be released in Fall 2018. Available at download.xnat.org

DICOM Query / Retrieve / Store 1.0

Beta Release

The DICOM QRS plugin enables users to communicate directly with a connected PACS system via the XNAT UI. From within XNAT, you can perform C-FIND searches for sessions and C-MOVE requests to import one or multiple sessions with highly customizeable query-specific anonymization and DICOM metadata remapping. You can also push new scan series that contain processing results back to any connected PACS or DICOM AE To be released in Fall 2018. Available at download.xnat.org

XNAT-ROI OHIF Viewer Plugin 1.5.2

Beta Release

The Institute of Cancer Research has developed an XNAT-enabled version of the OHIF (Open Health Imaging Foundation) image session viewer that adds significant functionality for viewing, creating, and exporting ROI annotations within XNAT. Release date TBA. Version 1.1.1 is available at

Additional XNAT datatype plugins have been installed to support the icr:roiCollectionData and radm:radiomics datatypes, which will be showcased in the demo.

Docker Images for XNAT Container Service

Release Description Release Info


Version 1.5

Allows users to convert DICOM scan data to NIFTI format. Runs on xnat:imageScanData and its variants for MR, PET, etc. Ignores "secondary" scan data.

Available at https://hub.docker.com/r/xnat/dcm2niix

To pull into XNAT using Container Service, search for xnat/dcm2niix:1.5


Version 1.5.1

Allows users to convert DICOM scan data to NIFTI format and create a BIDS-formatted resource at the session level. Runs on xnat:imageSessionData and its variants. "Secondary" scan data is not converted to NIFTI.  

Available at https://hub.docker.com/r/xnat/dcm2bids 

To pull into XNAT using Container Service, search for xnat/dcm2bids:1.5.1


Version 1.2

Finds RT_Struct scan data within an image session and converts it to an ROI Collection assessor that can be viewed in the XNAT-ROI OHIF Viewer.

Available at https://hub.docker.com/r/xnat/rt-struct-scan-to-assessor/

To pull into XNAT using Container Service, search for xnat/rt-struct-scan-to-assessor:1.2


Demo 2018-09-18.2

Performs a series of calculations on two image sessions, comparing an older to a newer session, and makes annotations regarding lesion growth or response to treatment. Numeric annotations are exported as a session assessor for searchability in XNAT, and a PDF report with snapshots and graphs is exported as a session resource. The PDF report is also bundled into a new DICOM scan that can be sent to a PACS system and viewed within that PACS. Release TBA

Desktop Applications

Release Description Release Info

XNAT Desktop Client

1.0.21 Beta

This Electron-based desktop application can be installed on any Mac or Windows machine, or on any Linux machine that has a compatible JRE installed.

Uploads: This application provides similar upload functionality as the XNAT Upload Assistant, and adds a transfer log so users can monitor their data transfers and upload history.

Downloads: When logged into XNAT 1.7.5, users can use the Desktop Client to manage all image session and resource downloads. One click in the browser opens the application and, after confirmation, your download begins.

To be released concurrently with XNAT 1.7.5 in Fall 2018.

Available at download.xnat.org