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Thank you for downloading XNAT, the most widely-used informatics platform for imaging research. With the release of XNAT 1.6.5, we have made the UI for setting up and administering XNAT easier than before. Here are some tips for first-time installersinstalling and upgrading XNAT


Ready to build XNAT from the ground up? 


  • Try Building an XNAT VM with Vagrant. This toolkit for VirtualBox and VMWare makes it shockingly delightfully easy to get an XNAT VM demonstration and development instance up and running. 

Thinking about how to store massive amounts of data? 

  • Read this guide to setting up a ZFS file storage system using commercial hard drives, written by our on-site data architect. This approach helped us save considerable money and get better performance than the proprietary data system that we used to have. 


Questions? We know you've got them.

First-time XNAT downloaders can schedule If you're new to XNAT – or planning big changes to an existing XNAT – contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our system architectsthe XNAT experts. Email us at to learn more.