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  • Read this guide to setting up a ZFS file storage system using commercial hard drives, written by our on-site data architect. This approach helped us save considerable money and get better performance than the proprietary data system that we used to have. 

What to stay in the loop? 

  • Will Horton – Add link to subscripton here --> Subscribe to the XNAT newsletter.  The newsletter provides high-level, non-technical updates and information on the XNAT project.  If you're an IT lead or programmer, make sure to pass the link on to your lab chiefs and other stakeholders so they can stay informed.  
  • Subscribe to our technical support discussion group.  The discussion group is a great place to get nitty gritty support on those tough XNAT issues and to join in the open source development effort. 


Questions? We know you've got them.

If you're new to XNAT – or planning big changes to an existing XNAT – contact us to schedule a free 30-minute video conference consultation with the XNAT experts. Email us at to learn moreschedule your free consultation