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Let's say that I want to import a single study whose Accession Number I know, 25175352, and have that study appear in XNAT as a session under a subject named "John SmithSubj001". To do this, I could upload the following file:

Accession Number,Subject
25175352,John SmithSubj001

After uploading that CSV, my import page looks like this:

Image RemovedImage Added

If I then check the box for this study and begin the import (leaving all series descriptions selected in the next modal), that study will be imported into XNAT. The same rules as in the earlier relabeling section still apply:


So when the study's DICOM files are received by XNAT, the Patient's Name and Patient ID values in the DICOM are changed to "John SmithSubj001", leading to it showing up in the prearchive with Subject listed as John SmithSubj001. No session relabeling was requested, so the normal dqrObjectIdentifier rules are followed (as described in the DICOM Object Identifiers section), which means that whatever the Study ID was in the DICOM is what will be used for the session label.


Consider the case where I know the study date for a study and want to import it, giving it the generic name of John Smith of Subj001 and the session label of sessSess_001. To do this, I upload the following csvCSV:

Study Date,Subject,Session
20171128,John SmithSubj001,sessSess_001

However, the result is a little different than I was expecting. I assumed there would only have been a single study on the PACS for this date, but there were actually three. I probably don't want all three to be assigned to the same subject in XNAT, and almost certainly don't want them to all be given identical session labels (perhaps sess_001, sess_002, and sess_003 would be acceptable though). Here is what I see after uploading that CSV file: