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yum remove zfs zfs-kmod spl spl-kmod libzfs2 libnvpair1 libuutil1 libzpool2 zfs-release
yum install
find /lib/modules/ \( -name "splat.ko" -or -name "zcommon.ko" \
	-or -name "zpios.ko" -or -name "spl.ko" -or -name "zavl.ko" -or \
	-name "zfs.ko" -or -name "znvpair.ko" -or -name "zunicode.ko" \) \
	-exec /bin/rm {} \;

Disable [zfs] and enable [zfs-kmod] in the zfs repo:


Code Block
yum autoremove
yum install zfs zfs-dracut
systemctl preset zfs-import-cache zfs-import-scan zfs-mount zfs-share zfs-zed

# Do the system update
yum update

# Re-enable services
systemctl enable zfs-import-cache
systemctl enable zfs-import-scan
systemctl enable zfs-mount
systemctl enable zfs-share
systemctl enable zfs-zed
systemctl enable