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To access datasets from any of the three OASIS projects, you must first sign the data use agreement located at Within one week of completing this form, you will be sent an invite to XNAT Central at the email address you provided. You can then follow the XNAT Central sign-up process and view the data. If you already have an XNAT Central account at your provided email address, you will be granted access to the OASIS-1, 2, or 3 projects on Central, depending on what you selected in the data use agreement form.

For more information on registering an XNAT account, see User Registration and Accounts in XNAT.

Note: Requesting OASIS project access directly from XNAT Central will not enable you to access the data immediately. You must fill out the data use agreement first to receive project access.


Note: Not all fields listed under Available Fields will have data to display. For example, OASIS data does not contain tumor information, so the field "Custom Field:tumorlocation" will always be blank.

Filtering OASIS Data Using Searches

In addition to viewing the full list of subjects from the project page, you can view a subset of subjects based on a search result. A standard search can be useful if you're looking for a single subject, session, Freesurfer result or PUP result based on an ID or name that you have. For details, see Using the Standard Search.

If you want to filter a subjects, sessions, Freesurfers or PUPs based on criteria that you choose, use an Advanced Search. For details, see Using the Advanced Search.

Downloading Data from XNAT Central