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The OsiriX Preferences menu lists all of the available configurable items in OsiriX. It can be found in the file menu bar under OsiriX->Preferences.... For setting up the XNAT Gateway we'll only need to use Listener and Locations in the bottom left corner.

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OsiriX Preferences Menu


The Listener menu will not be modified. The AETitle, Port Number and Address for OsiriX are needed to configure the XNAT Gateway.

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Osirix Listener Menu


A new node will need to be created pointing to the XNAT Gateway.
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Step 3: Configure Osirix Locations


A remote device will need to be added to XNAT Gateway referencing OsiriX. Under the Local/Remote AE Configuration menu in the XNAT Gateway, click on the "Add" button under Remote Devices. Provide a name describing the device, in this case OsiriX. Using the OsiriX Listener menu as a reference, enter the AE Title, Hostname (or IP) and Port number listed. Then click the "Add" button. This is the only thing you'll need to configure in the XNAT Gateway.
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Step 5: Run a Query in Osirix

Now that OsiriX and the XNAT Gateway are configured, it's time to access the data. Open the DICOM Query/Retrieve menu. Select the DICOM node for the XNAT Gateway from the DICOM Nodes list. Enter in a patient name you have access to in the search field and make sure "Any date" is selected. Click on the "Query" button and the data will load below.
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If you are trying to add a node in the Locations menu and the node list and "Add new node" button are greyed out, make sure "Automatically sync the DICOM Nodes List....." check box is unchecked. This will disable the manual configuration of the nodes list.

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Osirix Locations Broken Menu