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It's important to note that your role as a user is defined by the project that you are working in. In a typical XNAT, any person can create a project and upload data, thereby becoming a "Project Owner." This gives you full permissions to create, upload, modify and delete data within that project. However, in someone else's project, you may be given fewer permissions as a Project Member or Project Collaborator. Learn more about user permissions in XNAT. 

Also, your XNAT administrator may have created custom roles within XNAT, which could be tied to specific user workflows. If there are differences between your XNAT screen and the screenshots seen here, these user permission and accessibility settings may be a contributing factor.


XNAT Supports multiple image session types out of the box. The most commonly used are MR, PET and CT. Additional image session types, (e.g. MEG) can be added by your XNAT Administrator. See Adding Data Types to XNAT

How To Upload Image Sessions