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  • Site Manager - This setting allows the user account to access the Administrative pages of the web interface. By proxy, any account with this privilege can grant itself or others total data access. Please apply this role judiciously.
  • Non-Expiring - This setting circumvents the password expiration security setting in XNAT Security Settings
  • Allow All Data Access - This setting allows the user account to see ALL data stored in this system. It supersedes project membership. Most accounts on your server should NOT have All Data Access allowed.

titleAll Data Access

As of XNAT, All Data Access is not being properly checked by new XNAT permissions checks (such as permissions checks in XAPI REST calls). If you want these users to be able to use newer REST calls, you must make them a Site Manager (a.k.a. an admin) as well. A refactor of the permissions code is underway and this may change in future versions of XNAT.

Allowing Guest Access

By default, user login is required to view any data in your XNAT application. However, you can allow guest access in XNAT's security settings. Go to the Security tab and set Require User Login to false, or "Not Required."