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  1. Start from an XNAT data table, either on the Project report page, a data type report, or the result of an advanced search.
  2. Click the Options drop-down near the top right of the data table interface.
  3. Select Save As New Search
  4. In the Save Search window, enter a search name in the Brief Description field.
  5. Enter a description in the Full Description field.
  6. Click the Submit button.

The search is now available under Stored Searches in top navigation.


If you started from a Project data table, this stored search can also be added as a new tab on the Project report page.

Uploading a Stored Search Definition

A stored search can be defined in XML, and uploaded via the XML Uploader. Go to Upload > XML in the top navigation to start. Once a stored search has been uploaded, an XNAT Admin may need to modify the stored search permissions to allow access for specific users.

Creating Site-wide Stored Searches

XNAT Site Administrators can create site-wide stored searches, otherwise known as bundles. See Sharing Stored Searches in the Administrator documentation for more details.