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A valid CSRF token is required for all PUT, POST and DELETE API calls.

Get a listing of all projects

Returns a listing of all projects in your XNAT.


Code Block
        description: "string",
        ID: "string",
        name: "string",
        pi_firstname: "string"
        pi_lastname: "string",
        secondary_ID: "string",
        URI: "path"



Create one or more projects

This POST form accepts an XML file specifying project parameters. See available project parameters.


HTTP Status CodeMessage

Project successfully created.


The submitted data was invalid.


Must be authenticated to access the XNAT REST API.


Not Found


An unexpected error occurred.



Get information on a specific project

Returns project metadata for a single project, specified by ID.


ParameterDescriptionParameter TypeData Type
idProject ID (value of xnat:projectData/ID)pathstring
formatOptional. Set the format of the response. If not specified, HTML for the project report page will be returned (and displayed if using a web browser)querystringstring: json, html, xml, csv



Update parameters for a specific project

Allows the user to edit project metadata by passing values through the querystring, or as XML data.


HTTP Status CodeMessage
200Project successfully updated.

The submitted data was invalid.

401Must be authenticated to access the XNAT REST API.
404Not found.
500An unexpected error occurred.


Delete a project


This operation is permanent and cannot be undone.