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These keys can be substituted for the full XML Path when referencing variables in PUT or POST procedures. When using the querystring to define your variables, you should include the ?req_format parameter with a value of "qs" to prevent the body of the message from being parsed.



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All PUT and POST operations allow you to use the querystring parameter 'xsiType' to specify the related data type in your schema. This is only necessary when the level you are referencing could have multiple extensions. For example, /data/projects/{ID}/subjects/{ID}/experiments/{ID}. This could be an instance of an xnat:mrSessionData, xnat:petSessionData, or any other data type which extends xnat:subjectAssessorData. So, if you are not including XML to describe your resource, you must use the xsiType parameter (before any other parameters) to specify which type of item you are creating. For example: 

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Project Data REST XML Path Shortcuts
Project Data REST XML Path Shortcuts

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Subject Data REST XML Path Shortcuts
Subject Data REST XML Path Shortcuts