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Using the import-handler parameter, you can specify a specific implementation of the import logic. If this parameter is not specified, the default is "SI". 

SIstandard session importer: Used to import individual DICOM or ECAT files or zips of DICOM or ECAT files.

same implementation as XNAT's integrated DICOM receiver  Accepts individual DICOM files and follows the DICOM receiver mapping/archive logic


similar to the gradual-DICOM but accepts zipped collections of DICOM files. This is used by the XNAT Upload Assistant and XNAT Desktop Client. As of XNAT 1.8.3, .tar.gz and .tar archives are also supported. (NOTE: if your zip includes an erroneous file (e.g., non DICOM or invalid DICOM), DICOM-zip will return a 400 error, but any files uploaded prior to the erroneous one will still wind up in the prearchive, so you can wind up with a partial session if you have auto-archive enabled)


used to upload XAR files (zip files which include the session xml and the associated files)

inboxuses its own workflow, as documented here: Using DICOM Inbox to import an image session