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Verb is operation:

  • Import (question)(question)
  • Create
  • Retrieve (question)(question)
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Move
  • Archive
  • Merge (question)(question)
  • User request (e.g. user searches for sessions and wants to launch some process on the results)


  • Identified by some criteria: ID and data type with hierarchy,

    Footnote Macro

    The data type hierarchy is the full stack of inheritance. For example, an MR session is:

    • xnat:mrSessionData
    • xnat:imageSessionData
    • xnat:subjectAssessorData
    • xnat:experimentData

    You could say you want an xnat:mrSessionData or an xnat:experimentData and the MR session would match either one.

     data types, etc. 

  • Actor data: user who made the event happen, for example, maybe other info about the event context. These could be in a map of attributes on the event, event acceptance can be calculated based on matching one or more attributes.