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The node-task management API is only used when configuring complex XNAT server arrangements where multiple front-end "nodes" connect to the same backend and need to coordinate tasks and handoffs.


For more information on node/task management functions, see Multi-Node XNAT Setup

API Spec

{ "swagger": "2.0", "info": { "description": "The Node Task Management API is used to help manage complex XNAT infrastructure environments.", "version": "", "title": "XNAT Node/Task Management API" }, "tags": [ { "name": "xnat-task-api", "description": "XNAT Node/Task Management API" } ], "paths": { "/xapi/xnatTask/checkNodeConfigurationStatus": {"get": { "tags": ["xnat-task-api"], "summary": "Get node configuration status.", "description": "Returns node configuration status for this installation.", "operationId": "getNodeConfigurationStatusUsingGET", "consumes": ["application/json"], "produces": ["application/json"], "responses": { "200": { "description": "An array of properties", "schema": { "type": "object", "additionalProperties": {"type": "object"} } }, "401": {"description": "Unauthorized"}, "500": {"description": "Unexpected error"}, "403": {"description": "Forbidden"}, "404": {"description": "Not Found"} } }}, "/xapi/xnatTask/taskList": {"get": { "tags": ["xnat-task-api"], "summary": "Get list of XnatTask classes.", "description": "Returns a list of XnatTask properties", "operationId": "getTaskListUsingGET", "consumes": ["application/json"], "produces": ["application/json"], "responses": { "200": { "description": "An array of properties", "schema": { "type": "array", "items": {"type": "string"} } }, "401": {"description": "Unauthorized"}, "500": {"description": "Unexpected error"}, "403": {"description": "Forbidden"}, "404": {"description": "Not Found"} } }} } }
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