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What's New for Developers in XNAT 1.7?

XNAT 1.7 is very much a codebase in transition, as we are actively stepping toward an "XNAT 2.0" destination on the development roadmap. As such, there is a combination of old and new under the hood. For example, there are still Velocity templates for common report pages, but the new Admin UI is built in JSP using a YAML spec and a new-fangled widget spawner. 

As such, expect to find a lot of new content and controls in this section. 


Building a Dev Instance

XNAT build instructions for developers is much the same as the Vagrant Quick-install instructions for users, but with more customization options available. 

  • Setting Up An XNAT Development Instance


XNAT Under The Hood

External XNAT Development 

External developers can contribute to XNAT in a number of ways: adding functions, services and data types via plugins; adding processing capabilities via pipelines; or adding connectors between their own applications and XNAT data. 


Best Practices for Development

  • Version Control
  • XNAT Developer Tools