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{project-id}Required path parameter
{subject-id} or {subject-label}

Required path parameter.


If you specify a subject that does not exist yet in this project, a new subject will be created using your input as the subject label.

{experiment-label}Required path parameter. This is the label that your new experiment will be given.
xsiTypeRequired querystring parameter. The value attached to the xsiType should match a known XSD datatype, i.e. "xnat:mrSessionData"

Required body or querystring parameter. You can use shortcuts specified in Experiment Data REST XML Path Shortcuts.

  • Include XML or JSON experiment definition in the body of your PUT request
  • Include a parameter key/value pair in the querystring – i.e. ?xnat:mrSessionData/date=01/01/2018


{project-id}Required path parameter
{subject-id} or {subject-label}Required path parameter
{experiment-label}Required path parameter. To delete or remove an experiment, you must specify an existing experiment label in this project
removeFilesOptional query param. Defaults to "FALSE", which will leave files in the file system after deleting the experiment record in Postgres. When this param is set to "TRUE", those files are permanently deleted. 

Response Codes

200Subject Deleted
403Forbidden (i.e. the logged-in user does not have permission to delete data in this project)
422Unprocessable Entity (i.e. the supplied project ID or subject ID could not be resolved)