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SettingGUI ConfigurableDescription
Dicom.CalledAETitleYesThe AE title of this XNAT Gateway Server.
Dicom.ListeningPortYesThe port on which this XNAT Gateway Server listens for incoming requests from DICOM devices.
Logger.OutputNoConfigures where errors are sent. The default setting is "file" - if it is changed no logging will occur. The log file is hard-coded to "gateway.log" in the application's root directory..
Dicom.DebugLevelNoControl the verbosity of log messages. This defaults to 1 which just logs warning messages. Anything above 2 logs a huge amount of data (on the order of thousands of messages per transaction) so please use values above 2 only for debugging purposes.
Application.SavedImagesFolderNameNoThe location where images retrieved from the XNAT databases are stored. Every time the server is (re)started, these images are deleted. By default the location is set to the temporary directory of your operating system.
XNATServersYesA list of XNAT databases
XNATServers.defaultYesThe default XNAT database.
XNATServers.<NAME>.ServerURLYesThe hostname of the <NAME> XNAT database
XNATServers.<NAME>.UserYesThe username of the XNAT database
XNATServers.<NAME>.PassYesThe password of the XNAT database
Dicom.RemoteAEsYesThe list of DICOM devices that can retrieve images via this server
Dicom.RemoteAEs.<NAME>.CalledAETitleYesThe AE title of the <NAME> DICOM device
Dicom.RemoteAEs.<NAME>.HostNameOrIPAddressYesThe hostname of the <NAME> DICOM device
Dicom.RemoteAEs.<NAME>.PortYesThe port on which the <NAME> DICOM device listens for DICOM data.


10 Frequently asked questions & troubleshooting

Q1: When I try to start the XNAT Gateway in Linux, I get the message: "Server startup error! Permission denied (Bind failed)."
A1: This is most likely due to Linux security policy. Go to AE configuration->change/configure->Gateway Settings->change. Use server port number > 1024.

Q2: Any DICOM query to XNAT Gateway fails.
A2: Starting with October 2017 version, DICOM Query is by default restricted to specified DICOM Application Entities (AEs). Use AE configuration->Chage/Configure->Remote Devices to configure all DICOM clients that will be quering the Gateway.
To allow query from any AE, edit the config/qrscp-config.xml, and change the line
<attribute name="UnrestrictedQueryPermissionsToAETitles" type="java.lang.String">NONE</attribute>
to the line:
<attribute name="UnrestrictedQueryPermissionsToAETitles" type="java.lang.String">ANY</attribute>

Q3: DICOM query to XNAT Gateway works, but I can't download DICOM studies.
A3.1: Make sure that the condition in A2 is satisfied.
A3.2: Make sure that the DICOM data hosted by XNAT server has DICOM-conformant UID tags populated (StudyInstanceUID, SeriesInstanceUID, Patient ID).
A3.3: If C-GET doesn't work, try C-MOVE (configure your DICOM software to use C-MOVE to retrieve images)
A3.4: There may be an issue with your local XNAT server's CA SSL certificate. Gateway may not work properly with some types of SSL certificate at target XNAT server.  Test your Gateway+DICOM client setup against a public XNAT server such as

Q4: I need to change the way XNAT fields are mapped to DICOM fields by Gateway. Is there an easy way to do that?
A4: Refer to this discussion.