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titleFor XNATs with Installed Plugins

Due to permissions refactoring in core XNAT code, XNAT 1.7.6 is considered a "breaking change" with any plugins that define new APIs. New releases of the Container Service and XNAT OHIF Viewer plugin have already been released that are compatible with XNAT 1.7.6. We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest plugin versions when upgrading your core XNAT system. 

XNAT 1.7.6 addresses a series of issues that are primarily geared toward developers and site administrators, including known issues from the XNAT versions. Most users will notice only a few incremental improvements. However, XNAT 1.7.6 will affect plugin behavior, and we strongly recommend plugin developers to review XNAT code changes and documentation and update their plugins to be compatible with this XNAT release.