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However, in many cases, Let's say that you already have a list of the studies you want to import and don't want to have to individually search for each of them. In cases like these, the Import CSV option can be very helpful. Like with a normal import, you start by going to a project that you want to import PACS data into and then clicking "Import from PACS" in the Actions box. After you have made sure the correct "Source PACS" is selected in the dropdown, simply click the "Import CSV" link. The modal shown below will then come up:


After uploading that CSV, my import page looks like this:

Image Modified

If I then check the box for this study and begin the import (leaving all series descriptions selected in the next modal), that study will be imported into XNAT. The same rules as in the earlier relabeling section still apply:


However, the result is a little different than I was expecting. I assumed there would only have been a single study on the PACS for this date, but there were actually three. I probably don't want all three to be assigned to the same subject in XNAT, and almost certainly don't want them to all be given identical session labels (perhaps sess_001, sess_002, and sess_003 would be acceptable though). Here is what I see after uploading that CSV file:

Image RemovedImage Added

I then have the opportunity to either modify my CSV file and upload it again, or work with the results it gave me, changing subject and session labels as needed and only selecting the studies that I want to import.