About our group:

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF; http://www.incf.org/) is an international organization for coordinating neuroscience informatics efforts.  The INCF's Neuroimaging Datasharing Task Force (http://www.incf.org/core/programs/datasharing) is concerned with challenges to sharing neuroimaging data.

About our XNAT project(s):

INCF's XNAT (http://xnat.incf.org/) is a product of the INCF Neuroimaging Datasharing Task Force.  We have used XNAT as the back end infrastructure for a sharing tool that is designed to make sharing imaging data extremely simple.  The XNAT automatically runs quality assurance on all uploaded data, giving the uploading user extra value for sharing.

Our goals for the XNAT Workshop:

Sharing with and gathering feedback from the community for the sharing tool; aligning with and planning for the latest and greatest XNAT features.