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Archive An Image Session That Is Currently In The Prearchive

Introduced with XNAT 1.5, the import service is a customizable implementation for transfering data from the prearchive to the archive space. XNAT comes with a preconfigured implementation for moving standard imaging session data from the prearchive to the archive space.

POST - /data/services/archive



Required body parameter: Only used when attempting to import a previously uploaded file

  • /prearchive/projects/PROJECT/timestamp/session

Note: If multiple src directories are referenced, then the archive operation will happen asynchronously from the request


Optional body parameter.

  • none (default): Do not overwrite existing xml or files
  • append: Add content to existing xml & file system, but do not overwrite existing files
  • delete: Upload new data, and overwrite any existing files

Optional body parameter

  • false (default): follow project settings for whether new/modified archive content should go into quarantine
  • true: override project settings and place new/modified archive content in quarantine

Optional body parameter

  • true (default): run the AutoRun pipeline for any archived sessions which are modified/created by this import
  • false: Do not run the AutoRun at this time

Optional body parameter. If it is empty, it will review the uploaded content and attempt to put it in the right place (or leave it in the "unassigned" prearchive)

  • /archive/projects/PROJECT
  • /archive/projects/PROJECT/subjects/SUBJECT
  • /archive/projects/PROJECT/subjects/SUBJECT/experiments/LABEL

Specifying an experiment label allows you to merge the content with existing data. See: Merging Duplicate or Updated Image Session Uploads

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