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Add Scans To An Image Session

In order to add scans, you must specify the xsiType of the scan. See the note for xsiTypes in XNAT REST XML Path Shortcuts for more details.

For a full tutorial on uploading image session and scan resources, see Upload Image Session Files with REST API.

PUT - /data/projects/{project-id}/subjects/{subject-id | subject-label}/experiments/{experiment-id | experiment-label}/scans/{scan-label}


{project-id}Required path parameter
{subject-id} or {subject-label}

Required path parameter

{experiment-label}Required path parameter

Required querystring parameter. Example:

  • ?xsiType=xnat:mrScanData

Optional querystring parameters. You can add additional scan descriptors using Scan Data REST XML Path Shortcuts. Example:

  • ?xnat:mrScanData/type=T1
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